Friday, September 25, 2009

Myths about Nietzsche

I discuss them on Philosophy Bites. They are: the overman is a central idea in his philosophy; will to power is central to his philosophy; Nietzsche is a proto-postmodernist; and Nietzsche is an anti-semite.

I'm sure various Nietzsche scholars will disagree that these are all myths, but such is life in Nietzsche studies!


kingfishertype97 said...

Such A View is very attractive for me.
In Japan,intellectual have an
interest in the subject" God is dead"generally.To be different from"Wille zur Macht","√úbermensch"is
not discussed so often.("Wille zur Macht" is the most important subject ,of course most Japanese scholar think so.) By the way I am not Nietzsche scholar.Please forgive me.

Kurt said...

Brian - I've been a listener to the Philosophy Bites podcast for a couple years now - and I really enjoyed your episode - thanks for being on. Enjoy your blog too - thanks. Kurt