Monday, September 7, 2009

Abstracts for Papers at FNS Meeting at Oxford Next Week are Now Available

Here. I will post a draft of my own paper on SSRN before I depart for the conference. I also understand that the keynote sessions are likely to be filmed.

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Narziss said...

Reading through the abstracts has made me thoroughly realize how substantial of an anchor Leiter's work has been in Nietzsche studies.

From reading through the abstracts,
1 - Bamford's Nietzsche and the enactive approach,
2 - Daigle's Nietzsche's notion of embodied self: proto-phenomenology at work?,
3 - Daly's Nietzsche, Bichat, Schopenhauer: nature's forces of life and death,
4 - Heit's Nietzsche---an eliminative materialist?,
5 - Constancio's Nietzsche on freedom and the unchangeability of character,
6 - and Heunemann - Nietzsche's critical psychological naturalism
seem very interesting to me.