Monday, September 16, 2013

Nietzsche on the radio in Canada

CBC's "Ideas" program will be devoted to Nietzsche this evening, from 9:05 to 10 pm Eastern Standard Time.  One can listen live from the website.  (It will also air on WBEZ in Chicago at 11 pm Chicago time.)  Interviewed for the program were me, Christine Daigle (Brock University), and Rebecca Comay (Toronto).  I have not heard the final version of the show, but I thought Paul Kennedy and I had a good discussion, and that he asked the right questions.


Anonymous said...

I appreciated CBC for this show - it was simple and precise.
I should also say that I do appreciate your blog - I am aiming to write a paper on Nietzschean inspired humanist adult education. Right now though I am just an antsy father inspired by Nietzsche. (

Anonymous said...

Hello. Is there an online link to the text quoted by Brian Leiter? Thanks.