Wednesday, February 15, 2012

"Nietzsche and Community" conference at Wake Forest

It's coming up in April, and I'll be there. Also papers by Maude Clark, John Richardson, Ken Gemes, Julian Young (he's the organizer), Hans Sluga, Ivan Soll, Jessica Berry, and others.

UPDATE: A reader points out that the calendar has the dates wrong--the dates of the conference are Sunday, April 15 through Tuesday, April 17.


mdmara said...

Their website mistakenly lists the date of the conference in March. Hopefully they update this soon with the exact dates in case anyone decides to attend but sees the wrong dates.

Anonymous said...

Everything will depend upon how the "exceptional individuals" are defined.

If we want to suggest that the inevitable conflicts between the great individual and the community are thoroughly manageable, and that for Nietzsche the two can happily coexist, then remarks like the following will be brought into the foreground: "We others are the exception and the danger - and we need to be eternally defended. -Well, there actually are things to be said in favour of the exception, provided it never wants to become the rule" (GS.76).

But this is false comfort. Again and again Nietzsche is insistent that the exceptional individual will necessarily encroach upon the values of the community. This encroachment is not, for Nietzsche, an unfortunate and regrettable feature, it is part of their claim to greatness. They must, and they should, according to Nietzsche, encroach. The borders between the two groups must be bloody. To deny this is to remove Nietzsche's signature from his text.


Afshin said...

Professor Leiter,

Do you know whether there will be a video podcast made available like the ones from the Oxford conference?

Thanks for the consideration,