Monday, March 21, 2011

Draft Syllabus for "Nietzsche and Moral Pychology"

The draft syllabus for the seminar Michael Forster and I are offering in Spring is on-line here. Our first session is Tuesday, March 29, and we will be discussing the first three chapters of the Prinz book; Jesse will visit the seminar the following week (and we'll also do Chapter 4 of his book), and after that we will begin with the Nietzsche readings proper. Please also read my paper "Nietzsche's Naturalism Reconsidered" by April 12.


Rob said...

These two recent papers co-authored by Baumeister might, I think, contribute substantially to the empirical data to be drawn upon in settling whether will as Secondary Cause or will as Epiphenomenal reading best accords with interpretive charity (as you raised this issue in "Nietzsche's Theory of the Will").

Also, these two volumes.

Brian Leiter said...

Thanks, Rob, I was familiar with one of those Baumeister papers, but had not seen either of those books.