Thursday, March 12, 2009

Best Journals for Nietzsche Scholarship?

Here is a new poll, which may be especially helpful to younger scholars trying to figure out where to submit their Nietzsche work:

Which journals, in your experience, publish the best quality philosophical scholarship on Nietzsche? (I list only journals that publish articles on Nietzsche with some regularity, so exclude those journals which, on occasion, publish something related to Nietzsche [e.g., Ethics, Philosophical Review, Philosophers' Imprint etc.].)

The poll is here. My own view is that European Journal of Philosophy is generally best, though even EJP publishes work below the standard of the best Nietzsche work that makes it into other mainstream journals like the ones that are not part of this poll. But I will be interested to see whether readers agree.

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Yahia said...

Brian, I've written a study contrasting those two great contrarians Nietzsche/ Wilde (and their experiments with values) that I'd be happy to share with you.

But, really, Nietzsche is more present in my aphorisms
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Your friend in Fritz,
Yahia Lababidi