Thursday, July 8, 2010

Students Thinking About Graduate Work on Nietzsche

This information may be of interest. Contact me if you have questions.


Narziss said...

This sounds so awesome!

Rob said...

Can you share what recent secondary literature your reading group has been working on this summer?

Brian Leiter said...

So far: Katsafanas's paper on "Nietzsche's Philosophical Psychology," about which I'm writing something up; and then Sebastian Gardner's paper on naturalism and transcendental themes in Nietzsche in the Gemes & May volume. After that, maybe Peter Kail's paper on genealogy for the Cambridge Critical Guide, but we haven't decided yet.

D.E.M. said...

Dear Professor Leiter

I am currently a Sociology undergraduate at a Scottish University, but with an interest in Philosophy, and in particular Nietzsche.

The reason I contact your self is that firstly I am aware of your status as a foremost Nietzsche scholar, and secondly I have been working on a few hypotheses of my own in respect of Nietzsche's Genealogy essays, and wondered if you would mind casting a critical eye over them?

I appreciate that you are a very busy man and as such may not be able to respond to this comment, never mind look at my hypo theses.

Either way I am going to publish them soon on my blogspot (ContinuancePhilosophy, which I started recently and which is currently rather bare - although, soon to mutate, I am planning). If you would like, however, I could send you a .doc or .pdf as an approximate representation of my current considerations.

Thank you for your time in advance and my apologies if I have wasted it.

Regards, Daniel Muirhead

Brian Leiter said...

I'm afraid I am overcommitted vis-a-vis my current students, but perhaps other readers of the blog will check out your work on the blog site.

D.E.M. said...

Professor Leiter

Thank you very much for your response, it is much appreciated.

Regards, Daniel Muirhead