Tuesday, May 19, 2009

"Bernd Magnus Lecture" at UC Riverside by Maudemarie Clark, May 30th

I hope to see some readers there:

The First Annual Lecture in
The Bernd Magnus Lecture Series
Saturday, May 30th

Featured Speakers and Commentators:
The inaugural lecture will be given by Maudemarie Clark (UC Riverside) with commentary from Brian Leiter (University of Chicago) and Lanier Anderson (Stanford University)

University of California, Riverside——HMNSS 1500

Conference Schedule
· 1:00: Welcome by John Fischer
· 1:30: Maudemarie Clark: ‘Nietzsche on Causality and Responsibility’
· 2:30: Break
· 2:45: Brian Leiter
· 3:15: Lanier Anderson’
· 3:45: Break
· 4:00: Q&A Session

For more information, please contact Mark Wrathall (mark.wrathall@ucr.edu)


Michael Drake said...

Yes, I'll see you there.

Rob said...

Needless to say, if recordings are permitted, there would certainly be no lack of interest in an online audio or video of the event in its entirety.

Narziss said...

I wish this was videotaped.

Charlie H said...

How did it go?

Brian Leiter said...

Michael, thanks for coming and nice to meet you.

Alas, it wasn't recorded. I've answered Charlie's query in a separate thread.