Sunday, September 7, 2008

Comedian Gervais Offers His Rendition of Hitler Talking to Nietzsche

Here. Slightly amusing, though he, oddly, calls Nietzsche "a political philosopher."

(Thanks to Victor Caston for the pointer.)


Unknown said...

A couple of posts back is one about the book, Nietzsche's Political Skepticism, by Tamsin Shaw. So maybe it's not so "odd" to think of Nietzsche as a political philosopher?


Andre P said...

Gervais studied Philosophy at University College London (if I remember correctly); he's generally pretty accurate so it's probably a slip. Brilliant, though.

Anonymous said...

Gervais probably calls Nietzsche a "political philosopher" because the theme of his stand up special is "Politics" and he had to find a way to fit that joke into the overall theme. The gags in the "Politics" special are all over the map and their actual connections to politics are generally thin at best.