Thursday, December 27, 2007

Comments policy

I appreciate the many comments readers have posted the last couple of months. I have generally permitted anonymous comments, and will continue to do so, except when it's important to put a name to something: for example, when praising or criticizing someone's work. Questions or free-standing informational remarks (e.g., with links) can continue to be anonymous, among others.

I hope to post some thoughts on Nadeem Hussain's interesting work on Nietzsche before too long.

Happy New Year to all readers!


Anonymous said...

I read your excellent article on Nietzsche in the Stanford Encyclopedia and found it very useful as a guide to reading Nietzsche. I wonder what your opinion of The Will to Power is. Is there enough authentic Nietzsche in it to make it worth reading? I've read almost everything else that Nietzsche has written, although I find that Zarathustra is hard to get through.

Anonymous said...

Off-topic, I suppose (if there is a topic for this post) but congratulations on the very nice review of your co-edited volume on Nietzsche in the NDPR the other day.

Brian Leiter said...

Matt: thanks.

Amos: "The Will to Power" must be used with care. Many portions of it shed light on themes developed in the books Nietzsche published; but other themes appear only in "The Will to Power." Since we know Nietzsche wanted his unpublished notebooks destroyed, there is some reason to be skeptical that the views contained in them (and incorporated into "The Will to Power") reflect his considered views. That skepticism wins support from the fact that many of the ideas that are peculiar to "The Will to Power" are quite implausible, philosophically and otherwise.

Anonymous said...

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david said...

are you aware of Henry Staten's "Toward a Will To Power Sociology" essay? If so, do you have any views on it I can read?

many thanks