Thursday, August 30, 2007

Rare Film Footage of Nietzsche


Who knew?

Of course, this is really just a digital manipulation of some well-known photographs taken during Nietzsche's final illness. Very strange.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I've heard that explanation, and it seems offhand plausible. But the sequence is fairly long, how many photos would they have to have had in order to get the simulated movement? I imagine more photos than there are of him there. Alternatively, I guess there are ways of using the same photos over and over to simulate movement. But I honestly don't know.

Jared said...

Stranger still are the comments at the YouTube page.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff. Digitally manipulated or not.

"The real world–we have abolished. What world has remained?"

Eric said...

The simulated movement doesn't come from series of photos... Whoever originally uploaded it just took some ordinary still photos and digitally added zooming, shaking, and some distortions to make it look like he's moving. (I've never actually done an effect like this, but I have enough experience with video-editing to think it wouldn't be very hard.)

I kind of like the effect though... a little haunting.

Charlie H said...

Here is some actual film footage of Nz, being cared for by Elizabeth:

(You have to scroll about halfway down the page for the link.) Grainy, but apparently genuine.

Anonymous said...

Is that for sure, I mean that it's genuine?

Dicedude said...

You can find the footage here now:

But this is not actual footage. If you go here: you will see that this "footage" is actually manipulated stills that have been put together to form a "video". Christian Comte did this with Nijinsky, the legendary ballet dancer. You can find his work on YouTube.